All Set Up, Running regressionForClass

I got Eclipse + Counterclockwise (ccw) to run on my Debian system, after a bunch of twiddling. They really make you go out of your way to have it work properly. What a shame.

I’m on generation 25 and running for the program that was linked.

February 9th EDIT: So, I went up to generation ~125-150 twice on my computer without definite answer being generated. I kept the solve-parameter the same (x^6 – 2x^4 + x^2), but the problem with autogenerational evolutionary programming seems to be that there is as of yet not enough method to the madness. For example, I would see the “best program” line range from just a few primitives long to monsters that made my scroll bar tiny.

The funny thing is that max-generations is set to 10k, which at the rate the program was running, on my C2D laptop would take about 200 hours just for the possibility of maxing out the generational runs.

Also, I’m not able to understand the code fully (or even partially yet), but I’m still wrapping my head around the parentheses (or they’re wrapped around my head) and I don’t know the functions of all the primitives yet. I’ll need to take a deeper look inside not just this program but the push code.

2 Responses to “All Set Up, Running regressionForClass”

  1. 1    lspector February 6, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    That’s great. FYI the CCW developers are well intentioned and helpful, even though it’s still a pretty rough experience getting started. I actually provided some of the new text on that assembla getting started page because I was so confused and frustrated when I was getting started… but I was working only from my own Mac OS X experience… I think that there are a lot of assumptions about what people will know if they’re already Eclipse users or at least Java developers… Anyway, if you want to engage with the CCW folks to help make that better it would be good for the universe 🙂

    On autopush itself: You will probably be seeing it fail to improve in a variety of interesting & frustrating ways… which will be grist for our mill of figuring out how to improve it…

  2. 2    dy10 February 10, 2011 at 7:03 am

    I was actually looking on Google for help on setting up Eclipse with CCW/clojure and found that you also posted on a newsletter(?) about getting the libraries set up.

    You’re right, the assumption is that because it is programmers and developers who are setting up E/C/J, they will intuitively know where everything goes and how to do it all, but having close to no documentation on Java classpaths can be a bit of a downer.