Review of Towards Practical Autoconstructive Evolution

This is the Latest paper on Autopush. The first section describes the need for evolution in programs as well as why autoconstructive evolution is superior to¬† traditional “hard coded” evolutions techniques. The second section discusses Push and Pushpop as precursors to an autoconstructive model. The third section is the main discussion of Autopush. It details how Autopush is different from Pushpop, i.e. it no longer has a child stack because the exec stack is a more expressive and useful way of executing code which frees up the code stack for storing child code. It also now reproduces asexually which avoids a huge problem where the code entangles itself in the code of it’s parents and siblings Autopush also has ways of handling situations where the code is not changing in terms on functionality from generation to generation. The next two sections show examples of Autopush and conclude that while the autoconstructive evolution processes are not yet on par with hand coded processes, Autopush is a step in the right direction.

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